Preschool Gymnastics

Ages 2.5-5

Introduce your child to tumbling and gymnastics with our Kindergym classes, specifically designed with age-appropriate challenges, gross motor development drills, and beginning gymnastic skills.

Preschool Tumbling

Introduction to Gymnastics for ages 2.5-5

Shooting Stars

Ages 2.5-4

For our toddlers and young preschoolers, this parent/guardian participation class is ideal. Caregivers can be as involved as needed and drills are designed with an emphasis on gross motor development. Students learn beginning gymnastics skills.

The most favorite part of the Magnitude Cheer Family is they always made [my grandson] feel welcomed. Right from the start.” – Jennifer J.

Super Stars

Ages 4-5

For our older preschoolers ready to participate in class without their parent, this class teaches beginning tumbling skills, preparing them for our all ages tumbling program.

My favorite part of the Magnitude Cheer Family is how they make us feel welcomed and valued. When I say us, I mean both parents and students. As a parent, it is always nice to have someone greet you with a smile, a wave or even a “How was your trip?” My girls have interacted with [three of the coaches] and all are consistently professional and skilled at Cheer and Tumbling. However, what makes Magnitude Cheer stand out for us is the ability for the coaches to provide a nurturing learning environment for the various personalities and learning styles. Both my girls are very different…and so I am thrilled of how accepting and PATIENT [the staff is]...” – Vanessa L.

Need 1:1 training?

Private Lessons

Intro to Cheer classes

Recreational Cheerleading

Sit back and enjoy!

Birthday Parties

Preschool Gymnastics

Tumbling for ages 2.5-5

Recreational Tumbling

Ages 5-18

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Magnitude Cheer is the San Fernando Valley's premier all-star cheer gym, designed to teach children the fundamentals of cheer and tumbling. We offer a variety of ways to participate, from cheer classes and tumbling classes to private lessons and competitive all-star cheer teams. Magnitude strives to build teamwork, respect, dedication, and sportsmanship through athletics. We believe that all children are athletes and, through practice and training, can reach their maximum developmental ability.




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